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ParaZeni Origin

Starting in 2010, I started to get engage in digital games, including development games, web games, online games. During gameplay I will discuss the content, activities, and the character fashion of the game with other players. We will also talk about how the games can improve to keep the original players wants to keep playing.


Throughout the years and playing through various different games, many games have been shut down or transferred to other agencies. However, during this period, I am constantly having discussions with my friends and family and trying to integrate the game elements into the reality. I have also been planning to create my own brand to represent these ideas. The plan has always ended without a result, but it didn’t stop me from chasing my dream, instead, I experienced all kinds of special things and things I learned at school.


This project is still growing and constantly evolving and updating. The leading technology of the period was absorbed into the project and has grown to this day.