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ParaZeni Concept

ParaZeni is positioned as the "login" application software. The main core is the virtual 3D model storage system. The whole concept is a casual growing game mechanism that can be used for login through different devices, such as: web page (WEB), Mobile phone (APP), PC application, etc.. To login, enter the account password or scan the login QRcode through the App. these features will greatly improve the user's operating range, in addition, the product can be extended to: AR, VR, physical games Machines, interactive game stores, and even more interactive activities to connect to reality.


Users will mainly create their models through getting resources over certain amount of time, social interactions, and material resources, then users will be able to use resources to redeem different pieces of clothing in the shop to create a model that reflects each individual’s uniqueness. Users can also redeem decorations to decorate virtual homes, which can be shared for friends to visit through invitation messages.


In addition to personal roles and homes, you can also build "family homes" with friends, use the resources collected and exchanged to arrange, design, and build a home that belongs to you and your friends.


“Social Platform” is an other function that will allow the character of your choice to travel to a selected map with the selected server. After entering the map, you can communicate with players from all over the world. Of course, it is not uncommon. There will also be servers for various countries to avoid language communication problems.

Future Expansion goals

- Increase the way the material resources is obtained by plaything a small game or watching an advertisement.

- Gain resources by defeating monsters or collecting resource on social platforms.

- Adding Trading or exchange system to avoid game imbalance caused by creating a lot of account creation by one person.

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